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FROM THE BARNhome cooked peanuts

Hand-crafted tables and benches

buy roasted peanuts onlineWe offer hand-crafted walnut and pine tables and benches made by me, one piece at a time. My specialty is the old-style farm kitchen table, hand-sanded smooth with a rustic appearance.
I will make to your desired size. I usually have a 2-month wait, being that I make 1 piece at a time and can only make them so fast. These are truly one of a kind. The majority of the materials are from recycled lumber and storm-damaged trees.

Call for pricing and delivery time.

Wine bottle holders

buy salted peanuts onlineWhen the horses are done with them, we take the shoes straight from the hoof, and recycle them into decorative wine bottle holders. Makes a charming and unique gift!

Other hand-crafted items

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Bags of Peanuts

If You Want Fresh, Quality Peanuts At a Good Value - You Want Newsoms Peanut Shop!

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